Whether you believe in God, or you worship the stars in the sky, it doesn't matter: It should be our choice. The question I pose is: Was it ever really our choice, or do we only believe what society deems appropriate? In this article we will discuss such topics as; religious persecution, the various religions, and different views. This is my opinion, and you are welcome to come to your own conclusions.

The truth behind religion

Hundreds of years ago, we came to America to escape religious persecution. We wanted the freedom to say and believe in what we wanted to.

The sad truth is that there is no black or white area but only a gray area. We left a country to escape the fear of an uncertain future, and for freedom. We called ourselves Puritans or God's people. I wonder if we looked back at things that were done, or said in the name of God - what would we see? Would we see God fearing people, or would we see blood thirsty savages?

Savage is what we called the native americans, but is it so? Was it the Native Americans that spewed hatred based on different beliefs than their own. No. That was the Americans. Who are the real savages here? We burnt, hung, stoned, and drowned people based on their beliefs. We became the very thing we tried to escape.

Out of all the things I have been taught, or have seen - It's hard to admit we are not different now than we were hundreds of years ago.

Religious rituals

I am going to show you the reader various religious beliefs. Native Americans have a very different ceremonial way. The beliefs differentiate based on different histories and different tribes beliefs.

Wicca is a religion centered around a deep understanding, and appreciation of all living things. They believe in loving all and harming none.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Much like the churches or temples of other religions, Wiccans have covens.

Catholicism and Christianity are very similar in reference to what they believe. They believe that being baptized will make you a true child of their God. They also believe we are all born into sin because Adam and Eve disobeyed God in the Garden of Eden.

The truth

When people find out that I am Wiccan, their reactions are less than favorable. They view me as akin to Satanists, envisioning me dancing around a fire and making sacrifices. As funny as this is, I assure you that is is not the case.

Catholics and Christians, as well as Lutherans, claim to be the one 'true' religion. If this is so, why did your God give you the freedom to choose what you would believe in? In many religions, you will find that the Holy Bible says the same thing using different words. The most ironic of the scriptures reads, "Thou shall not judge, lest ye be judged." We personally go against this every day, mocking and defiling others' beliefs. The Bible is supposed to be the word of God, but we bend it to suit our own needs.

That, my friends, does not sound very Godly, does it?

Unlike people, faith knows no race or religion. Faith does not hate, and it does not judge you. Herein lies the problem. All we do is hate and judge people based on what they believe or what they are. Faith is built on love and hope and we, as a people, need to remember that.