Los Angeles Lakers power forward Thomas Robinson says he wanted to compete against Los Angeles Clippers star Blake Griffin. The Lakers squared off against the Clippers on Tuesday at Staples Center as hosts. The Clippers had a 30-point lead at halftime against their city rivals, and the Lakers head coach decided to start the second half with five guys from his bench. The Clippers won handily in the end 133-109.

Thomas Robinson had a goal

Thomas Robinson, who didn't see a second of action in the first half of the game, started for the Los Angeles Lakers in the third quarter.

He had a great game, finishing the match with 16 points on 7-of-8 shooting from the field, and added six rebounds to his name in just 10 minutes of given action. Robinson had a goal while he was on the court on Tuesday -- though it should be noted that there were not any bad intentions from his side -- he just wanted to challenge himself and his abilities. Clippers power forward Blake Griffin had 12 points and eight assists in 26 minutes spent on the floor against the Lakers.

''Blake (Griffin) is a big name in this league. So, I just wanted to be that person going at him. It's fun to try to, you know, compare yourself to the superstars of this league, and you know, see where you are at individually.

So, that's all what I was doing, just trying to make it competitive and make him work. Personally, I respect Blake's game and him as a person -- so, that was just competition.

I am ready to jump in

As the fifth pick of the 2012 NBA draft, Thomas Robinson says he is ready to help the Los Angeles Lakers when needed. On the season, Robinson has been averaging 4.1 points and 4.3 rebounds in 10.5 minutes per game.

Perhaps his last performance is indeed a glimpse into what he can do if given more time out on the floor.

''But for me individually...I just stay ready at all times. I never know when my name is going to be called. And, that's part of my job here with this team. So, I just gotta stay ready, and on some nights things like that may happen.''

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