When kirsten storms left her role as Maxie in February "General Hospital" obviously did not know what to do with her husband Nathan West. They began allowing Amy, who Maxie bullied in high school, to spend time with him. The two have a really awkward friendship that needs to come to an end. Ryan Paevey and Risa Dorken both need better material to work with.

Nathan and Amy are not a fit

Nathan initially seemed frustrated by the attention Amy was giving him. She talked about how mean Maxie was to her in high school and expressed her shock that Maxie would stay away from her spouse for so long.

Nathan and Amy initially used each other to vent. There has never been any indication that either of them desired a romantic relationship. Nathan did ask Amy to walk the Red Carpet during the Nurses Ball because neither had a date.

The problem came in when Amy began writing an advice column entitled "Ask Man Landers." She pretended to be a man who was giving tips on love and relationships. She used a picture of Nathan without his consent as the face of Man Landers. Now the two have a very awkward relationship. "General Hospital"'s Carly and Jason flow together as platonic best friends. Nathan and Amy simply do not fit.

Ryan ad Risa need meatier roles

The pairing of Amy and Nathan is just not working out on a friendly level and certainly not as a possible couple.

It's almost as if the writers were simply filling in some time until Kirsten Storms returns as Maxie. They could have done so much more with Risa and Ryan's characters without even having the two of them interact. The "Ask Man Landers" storyline is a bust and needs to be put out of its misery.

Nathan could have been more involved with cases at the PCPD and with his good friend Dante.

He might also have spent time with his mother Liesl Obretch or helped Dante and Lulu babysit their children. There were ways to keep him busy without missing a beat while is wife was MIA without involving Amy. "GH" needs to take some pointers from "The Young and the Restless." Lauralee Bell who portrays Christine on "Y&R" is no longer on contract.

Doug Davidson who plays her husband Paul still is.

At "The Young and the Restless" they shoot around Christine and show Paul working at the Police Dept. or out on cases until his wife is back on screen. The uncertainty of the return of Kirsten Storms probably was the biggest factor in coming up with this unusual friendship between Amy and Nathan.. Until the writers knew if or when Kirsten would return they could not write a proper plot for Nathan. Now that Maxie is supposed to be returning perhaps Nathan can get back on track and Amy can get her own life.