Blasting News previously reported on Texas Governor Greg Abbott's crackdown on sanctuary cities using Senate Bill 4 as a way for the Republican-led state to enact one of President Trump's agendas while Congress stalls them on the Hill. That agenda being the President's own crackdown on illegal immigrants which has the full support of the Department of Justice's Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Blasting News has reported on Sessions' full support, threatening to cut federal funding to those sanctuary cities which ended up being rejected by Congress.

Crackdown on immigrants, sanctuary cities and law enforcement

Another lack of "progress" has been through the President's promise to build a wall along the Mexican-American border which had also been rejected. As the Blasting News article about Greg Abbott's crackdown details, the Governor intends to not only take funding away from sanctuary cities but to fine and jail law enforcement and elected officials essentially overthrowing them if they don't follow his orders.

A recent article by Foreign Policy Magazine titled,"Texas cities caught in the crossfire of sanctuary fight" confirms this scenario and it also refers to the state Senate bill passed in May that gives police officers more freedom.

That freedom is that officers would be able to get anyone's immigration status when they're arrested, detained, on college campuses or even if that person is a witness to a crime.

Surprisingly enough, law enforcement officials are divided on this issue as they rely on Latino communities that have undocumented immigrants to point to those with more serious crimes and that citizens would "clam up" before reporting those offenders.

Republicans will 'enforce' their American dream

Certainly, SB4 will makes illegal/undocumented immigrants more reluctant to want to come forward. The Foreign Policy article also refers to a report by USA Today which -- as the Blasting News article on Abbott predicted -- says that 33 other states are looking to impose similar laws.

Their article is titled: "More states follow Trump's assault on 'sanctuary cities'". The article not only reveals that more states are considering enforcing these laws but that all of those states are under Republican rule.

Those states are conservative insurgents leftovers from under the Obama administration who they united to obstructed for his entire presidency. This includes cities all over Texas such as Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio, Houston and Arlington. Many of these cities are led by Democratic Mayors who are usually bear the political brunt of Republicans and Gov. Abbott's determination to remove them will no doubt score him some political points for far-right nationalists and through force bring about the American dream conservatives have always sought.