Paul Ryan has an opponent who has made a video. It has not exactly gone viral but might in time. Here it is. It comes up when you follow the link to Paste.

The article is also worth a read. Here also is a sort of progress or lack of the same report on the GOP Senate health bill which is already said to be worse than what the House passed. That cannot be. But apparently, the GOP lSenators behind the secret bill are ready to deal more of a blow to Medicaid than anyone dreamed possible.

It almost seems possible that the GOP will succeed in creating the worst case scenario and reaping whatever the response of the American people will be.

Hard to fathom

So bad is the Senate Bill, indeed the entire Trumpcare effort, that it is hard to believe that the bubble around it will not burst. But no bubbles are bursting as we speak. We seem to be absorbing punches but we are not exactly Muhammed Ali types. Rope a dope is not on our dance cards. In other words, we seem condemned to witness the savaging of healthcare in the context of more power than we dreamed possible.

Meanwhile - life outside

The words of Dylan's "It's Alright Ma" course through my mind. As the vault that is the GOP Senate progresses toward its doom, the best place to set one's eyes may be elsewhere., outside, to where life goes on without even a thought about what the GOP is doing. As in this offering from Gavin Newsom.


And as a footnote, also from deep in the new nation of California, this from their new Democratic Senator.

Such stridency has about as much chance of touching the manicured ears of Mitch McConnell as I have of doing a backflip.

But it is good to be reminded of the provenance of this bill from hell. But life outside is vibrant with a movement the GOP cannot abide. It is called the future and we must take it where we find it.

Beyond borders

As the world begins to look beyond borders the political powers reflect and wonder whether they are on the right side of history. We are moving toward a time when everyone will be known by default. This means we can be free as long as we commit no harm and cause no hurt. If this is too onerous there will be problems.

But the context will be free borders for all who play by the rules.


Because we are not meant to be nations or groups or races or genders. We are meant to become who we are, each of us as we come to know ourselves. This flies in the face of Mr. Trump who talks all the time about evil people who only want to be who they are. This is why he will lose but also why it will take some time.