Let's get the truth out in the open. The GOP needs no help from the democrats to self-destruct. Mr. Trump and his party will do the job entirely on their own.

The Democrats, on the other hand, have suggested no alternative and most probably will not and cannot. This does not mean Democrats cannot win. It means the race is between a hapless minority party and a suicidal majority party overdosing on one percent solutions.

Do not blame the Democrats

The Democrats are not worth blaming. In other words, their answers are mere cavils related to the manifest deficiencies of the GOP solutions.

Try to gain a following for such responses. Nada. The Democrats should either be quiet or confess the truth. The truth is that none of the current solutions are on the table and the people are not ready to try anything new..

By their fruits, you shall know them

As is often the case Jesus is the very center of truth, even political reality. It takes time for fruit to show its stuff. It will either ripen and be edible, fulfilling its purpose in creation. Or it will be rancid and foul. But we must live and learn. This is the substance of an effective Democratic Message. It says essentially, "Stick with Trump and the GOP and see where it gets you. You signed on for it. Live with the actualities.


An opinion only

Those of us who write their thoughts are inessential to all but those who derive profit from them. Most opinion is fish wrapping, formerly of newsprint and now of the virtual sort.

My opinion is that the solution to our problems is beyond the willingness of the American electorate to accept.

We need to feel that cars are the author of much of our problem and we do not. We need to move the past capitalism and socialism, and we don't. We need to give up sprawl and build entirely new cities. That too is out of the question.

How long will it take?

At some point, the answer will become politically viable I thought 2020 might be how long, but that was 50 years ago.It will take until people are forced by experience to act differently than they now do.

We cannot persist without basic income because work will no longer be a basis for compensating the living. It will take until that is obvious. We cannot survive when people are dropping like flies from warming. Our capacity for oblivion seems robust. It could take decades.


State the truth. We cannot win. Only as the GOP self-destructs do we have a chance. That requires patience. Keep an eye out.