According to the Daily Caller, MSNBC host Joy Reid has shamed the network yet again. Reid took to Twitter and claimed the Georgia Special Election Democrat Ossoff lost because "it was Georgia." The Lie has Trump won Georgia by 20 points. He only won by one point, The Daily Caller reports.

With the facts grossly exaggerated, it is a wonder how some of these news networks stay on the air. In an article I wrote last week, I expressed how media bias compromises our democracy. The same stands true when the media stretch the facts without a second thought.

It is important to crunch the statistic numbers accurately. When the facts are stretched, so are the ideas of the people listening. Lies in the media stir up mixed emotions and cause division between the parties involved.

This isn't the first exaggeration

MSNBC has been known to stretch the truth a lot lately. With the facts stretched so far, she still failed to delete the tweet for 12 hours. In 12 hours, the tweet was retweeted 1,677 times and liked by5,715 people. That isn't counting the people who saw the tweet.

Reid is known for telling half truths and passing them for reality. Just last week, Reid blatantly attacked GOP Rep. Steve Scalise as he lay in his hospital bed recovering. Rep. Steve Scalise was one that was hit by the rogue Democrat shooter in the GOP baseball game last week.

She blames the right wing media for the attack and then turned around and attacked Scalise for his opinion.

Racism in the media

According to many reports, Mrs. Reid has shown many instances where she uses racial slurs to get her point across. As media personnel, it is our moral duty to report the news as accurately as possible.

Racism has no place in the news media. Bias for a certain race of political side should be off limits in the media.

As a matter-of-fact, Twitter buzzes due to the bias and racist comments made by either party. People turn on the news to get the current events as they happen. They are getting tired of he said she said. However, there is drama filled media outlets that one can turn to for drama.

TMZ provides that service for those who crave he said she said drama.

Here is a thought, why don't reporters like Reid go work for TMZ? I am sure they have a spot for her there. Who knows, with the drama she stirs up, maybe she can be the next Justin Beiber paparazzi. I am sure "the Beibs" will welcome her with open arms. Go ahead Mrs. Reid, Miley and Gomez are waiting for their close-ups.