Media Bias exists, unfortunately. So, what is it exactly? This plague happens when a news organization is so infatuated with a political party that they skip over the truth to present a news story. Even if the evidence is right in their face. So what are examples of media bias?

During the 2016 elections, CNN, MSNBC, and NBC were against President Trump so much, that they skipped the truth and published lies. Interestingly enough, the polls were all one sided. The polls were off drastically. In my opinion, this is the reason why Hillary Clinton losing was such a shock to the liberals.

Riots and violence followed shortly after the results were in.

CNN asks the DNC what questions to ask President Trump in an interview

The DNC worked with CNN to fabricate questions that Hillary Clinton would already know. In other words, The whole debate was rigged in Hillary's favor. The questions were then given to the people who were asking them.

So instead of getting an honest debate, we got a fabricated, orchestration. This act was not only unacceptable but also goes against the democracy process as well. When the knowledge of this atrocity came to light, democracy fans were angry that the debate was rigged.

Donna Brazile leaks CNN debate questions to Hillary

This has to be the most talked about instance during the whole campaign process.

Donna Brazile, then, a leader of the DNC, Gave all the debate questions to Hillary to study. During that debate, Hillary knew the questions before they were asked. Just like the first example, this went against democracy.

Democracy is a very "up front" process. Both parties have to be in cooperation. If one party or the other "bucks the system, then democracy is in jeopardy.

These instances were the beginning if the hashtag: #CnnIsFakeNews. After that, the whole thing blew up in both CNN and the DNC's faces.

CNBC’s John Harwood

The earliest WikiLeaks dump is an email showing Harwood advising John Podesta. In the email, Harwood gloated about the question he asked Trump about him running “a comic book version of a presidential campaign.” On another email, Mr.

Harwood asks Mr. Podesta which questions should be asked of Jeb Bush.

The Moderator of a presidential debate should not be in collusion with either party. These are prime examples of media bias. These practices should never take place. When they do, there can't be an honest election. Democracy is at stake when "cheating" goes on. I am reminded of a saying we learned as kids: "Winners never cheat, and cheaters never win." How true this have proven to be lately.