trump keeps winning not because he appeals to false fears but because he dances around the real and present fear. That is the fear of going over the cliff. We know it could and probably will happen.Our world could end.

We have voted four times recently to stick with the security we have. We will frack our way to a fossil-fueled future. And that's not all.

Storm warnings

We will weather the storm -- we, by the way, are the very rich, the one percent and their highly-paid protectors, lawyers, doctors and so on. The rest will have to suffer. To survive we will transfer money to the rich by killing health care.

We will privatize schools and jails. We will continue to support automation. We'll export labor to cheaper places. Forget all the people. The wealthy will survive.

And if we protest?

We are singing to an empty chamber. We want to cut military expenses. We want to tax the rich. We want a fair medical system. But we cannot afford to do such things, We need to frack our way back to greatness. It's dog eat dog and the world isn't fair. That is the underlying argument. It's the problem Democrats cannot solve. Jon Ossoff could have moved into the district. He still would have lost.

Trump truth

Trump is more than a liar and a con artist. Underneath, he is truth incarnate. The American world really is as Bad as he says it is.

The only truth he is not telling is that he's the cheerleader for the bad side. Measure things in real dollars. His yelling and screaming distracts us from the ugly, relentless growth of wealth for the most well off.

Forget it

Trump has been compared to Joe McCarthy but McCarthy was primitive. I saw him. I watched him. He had the self-importance of a Willy Loman.

He was swiftly finished.

Trump trained up and by the time he was smashing everything in sight he knew the exact drill. What is it? What he does. Watch him. The Reason people accept it is because underneath we would rather gamble on the system we have for the system that might actually make survival possible.

Why we fail

That is why we are not solving anything at this point.

We are doing Eddie Rabbit -- driving our life away looking for a better day. Better a familiar slow death than some hair-brained survival drill which may or may not work.

It is a true conundrum for a critic to face the fact that we are living in a world where injustice is more and more obvious and palpable and where everything cries out for change. We wonder why Senators like McCain and Graham are perfectly comfortable voting for a health bill they know will kill thousands of the poorest.

The answer is pretty obvious. See that cliff?