Kathy Griffin issued a statement begging those offended by the picture taken by Tyler Shields and posted on several websites to forgive her. The picture showed Griffin casually holding the severed and bloodied head of a man who resembled the President of the United States, Donald Trump. Kathy's first statements were cavalier. She claimed she is a comedian and was mocking Trump when Trump made comments about FOX News Host Megyn Kelly last August. Trump stated that Megyn Kelly had "blood coming out of her wherever," apparently because he did not appreciate her attitude during one of the presidential debates.

That was then, this is now

Maybe the severed head "comedic expression" would not have caught as much flak had the Griffin picture been posted then. However, no matter when, why, or how this picture was posted, onlookers would likely feel disgusted. It is not funny. Being a comedian and having obtained a relative degree of success and fans does not give Griffin a free pass. Of her own volition, she admitted that she will do and say just about anything to shock people. Outrage has been a part of her routine for decades. Often, she gets away with saying what others are thinking. She pokes fun at celebrities.

Kathy returns to her life on the D-list

Griffin began her career after a couple of television stints.

Then she hit it big with her reality show "My Life On the D-List." It was a funny show, and Griffin was struggling to make it big. We watched her go after Lindsey Lohan and a ton of other wayward celebrities, while she fought to build a career for herself. She was an honest, straight-shooter who became friends with Joan Rivers, Cher, and even Anderson Cooper.

We watched her build a career over the past few decades. Now, it appears that she has toppled everything she worked hard to create.

The comedian has said and made many crude jokes. Some were funny, others mean, and just about all were shocking. This picture is none of those. It is just strange at best and sick at worst. One of Kathy's rules was she would never apologize for any joke she told.

She has relaxed that old rule. Not only is she apologizing, she is begging for forgiveness. However, not because she feels she was just downright wrong. The statement issued explained that after she saw the reaction she decided to ask the photographer to take the photo down. Griffin goes on to say that she moved the line, then crossed it. Maybe her trouble is not recognizing that in this case, she did not just cross a line; she dove into the deep end of the ocean by posting a picture in such bad taste, and it will likely leave a mark for years to come. Kathy definitely took the low road in this situation.