Trump fires Comey in a manner that would have made any playground bully proud. After that, Trump plays his brand of politics and produces a chain of half-baked truths in official White House Statements. Reports range from letters expressing the nonsensical purpose for Comey's dismissal; seasoned with the politically skilled courteous jargon Trump raged against during his entire campaign. Then Trump heads in the direction that would get most kindergartners sent to the corner for a time-out.

Nobody likes me everybody hates me

Subsequently, President Trump complains to US Coast Guard Academy graduates in New London, Connecticut that no politician in history has been treated worse by the media than he has.

He is implying that nothing is Trump's fault, it is the media that is against him and therefore making him look bad. Typical four-year-old rhetoric some may say. Nonetheless, Trump continues headstrong down this road.

"I just fired the head of the FBI. He was crazy, a real nut job," Trump allegedly admitted during a meeting with two top Russian officials according to the New York Times. Trump went on to express his relief. He said, "I faced great pressure because of Russia. That's taken off." That is right -- it is all about him so forget the rest of us in his sandbox.

If this all feels like kindergarten politics, it could explain why Americans are having a hard time staying away from potty humor.

Taking a dump (or a Trump dump, some are now calling the action) on Trump's Star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame has often occurred in the past several months. For the most part, Trump dump stories cause laughter and applause. Who knows it may even become the newest national American pastime?

Even Anderson Cooper could not stop himself.

While interviewing Jeffrey Lord, one of Trump's established advocates during his Anderson 360 telecast, Anderson interrupted Lord, stating "you would probably back [Donald Trump] dropping a deuce in public." Cooper later expressed regret for his use of playground poo-poo jokes, while praising Lord for being a good friend to Trump.

While Trump was busy in the American sandbox, Benjamin Netanyahu took in an Aerosmith concert

The Israeli Prime Minister even joked with the famous American Aerosmith rock band saying "you do not want to miss a thing." Netanyahu then provided Aerosmith with a bit of site-seeing and history lessons about Jewish heritage. While Steven Tyler jockeyed for the cover of Newsweek, the rest of the band appeared genuinely wowed by Netanyahu and his excitement to share Jewish history with the boys of the band.

It is challenging to know where America is right now. A country of quality and substance or one of dangerous petty BS. After all, we are not in kindergarten. Is America attempting to solve post-graduate problems by a person who may well have flunked kindergarten?

That is, in any event, according to the book, "All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten," by Robert Fulghum.

Maybe the dichotomy between the world's trouble and those in charge of negotiating solutions have reached such a Grand Canyon jump, American minds are getting boggled. Americans are regressing to Trump dumping. One of our greatest friends is attending Aerosmith concerts and trying to teach Steven Tyler a thing or two. Who could blame him? It is hard to know what to do when the sh*t starts hitting the fan. At least Steven Tyler kept his wits about him and asked for the cover of Newsweek. Now that would be a perfect symbol for our time.