The First Lady of The United States is always under the eye of scrutiny from the entire nation. She is watched because she is an impression of who the President of the United States is -- if she does not behave accordingly, what are we to expect from the President himself?

Melania Trump

Melania Trump was relatively unknown until the presidential race between our President Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton. Shortly after winning the election, reporters began to dig deeper into the new first family -- which is when we learned more about the woman who is married to Donald Trump.

Often scrutinized by the public for being an immigrant while her husband wants to build a wall, she is the first naturalized citizen to become FLOTUS.

Scandalous background

Also unlike most First Ladies, Melania Trump had an unusual upbringing. Melania Trump spent most of her childhood modeling, putting off university for a chance to come to the United States and model for various magazines. Her previous career raises eyebrows. Some of the photos taken during her modeling career made many question whether she was fit to be the First Lady of the United States.

Questionable marriage

It is no surprise to the public that there is something off about the marriage between Melania and Donald Trump. There have been many signs that their relationship was questionable but the most infamous one that caused the nation to question the Trumps was the hand swat.

There are hundreds of images of Trump reaching for his wife's hand, only to have it swatted away. Rumors are surfacing about the possible divorce of the Trumps, and while Melania's behavior has received some mixed reactions, many believe it might be best to keep their private life private.

First Daughter

Another action that has caused rumors to spread about the first family is the fact that Melania Trump has given over her first lady duties to her daughter, Ivanka Trump.

Whenever President Donald Trump makes an appearance you are more likely to see his daughter, Ivanka Trump rather than his wife. Although Ivanka played a very important role in the election of President Trump she is seen with him more publicly than his own wife.

Home is where the heart is

Lastly, it is hard to appear united when the First Lady does not even live with her husband. While it has come to light that Melania Trump will be moving into the White House within the month, the question on the minds of many is: What took so long? Whatever issues the First Lady and the President of the United States are facing, they must remember that they live very public lives, and some secrets are better left in the dark.