Is suicide a desperate cry for attention or is it an actual problem that should be treated accordingly? The Netflix original 13 Reasons Why brings light to this topic. During the last episode, the main character Hannah Baker vividly commits suicide on screen for the audience to see. While the entire show is about suicide and the targeted audience is aware that Hannah commits suicide, people still see this scene to be over the top. What becomes the topic of discussion is: Does the scene have to be so graphic, and did it have to be shown onscreen. Your answer is yes, sometimes you have to make a statement.

Are the tapes a cry for attention?

1. " Dead man tell no tales"

What if the dead left evidence? Hannah Baker left thirteen tapes that not only tells why she commit suicide but leaves a lot of incriminating evidence about the individuals listed.

2. Yet the audience still found this to be a cry for attention. Why didn't she go to the police? Why not speak to her parents or a guidance counselor? but she did and she felt as if her voice was not heard so her only option was suicide.

Why didn't she go to the police? Why not speak to her parents or a guidance counselor? but she did and she felt as if her voice was not heard so her only option was suicide.

3. People tend to listen more to those who can no longer speak.

In the novel '13 Reasons Why' Hannah Baker swallows pills which leaders to her untimely but planned death. In the show, she takes a blade, slits her wrists and bleeds out in a bathtub, all of which is shown on screen.

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It is a graphic scene especially for those who are squeamish, that episode is not for people with a weak heart, and should definitely come with a trigger warning not only for rape but suicide.

4.This scene was necessary to get people talking about a very important topic that is often thrown under the rug.

5.This scene shows that suicide can only be taken seriously when it is loud and disturbing.

Teen suicide


On average, 1 in 5 teenagers has contemplated suicide. that is a shocking amount.

1 in 5 can be the person next to you on the subway, the person who sits in front of you in class, or even one of your closest friends. Through the course of the show, each tape shows Hannah looking for help, through friends, family, counseling but

7. not all signs for help are vocal.

By showing her death on screen this did not only bring light to teenage suicide it made this something that could not be ignored.

8. One scene I could not put behind me was the image of Hanah Baker dying in a bath of her blood.

Viewers gave mixed reviews about the tapes but

9. her onscreen death said more words than any of those tapes could have

10. It brought viewers into the world of her parents and the people who deal with suicide after the person has killed themselves and it shows more than any statistic or class or tape ever will.

11. It brings attention to suicide and makes it something that people can no longer pretend does not exist. Hannah Baker's death was a staple to the show and

12. without it being that graphic suicide would not be the huge topic of discussion it is now.

13. Suicide can be prevented all it takes is one person. If you know someone who is struggling please call for help.

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