Kathy Griffin is an American stand-up comedian, writer, producer, actress, and television host; commonly known for partaking in the New Year Eve Special with Anderson Cooper. She is also known for her borderline offensive jokes during her stand-up events. She is a comedian who has been talked about for her jokes and inappropriate behavior for a long time but has she taken it too far this time?

Headless POTUS

Last month, Kathy Griffin and her photographer, Tyler Shields took part in a shocking photoshoot where she was holding President Donald Trump's decapitated head.

Overnight her controversial photo shoot became the most talked about thing in media, her actions received mixed reactions from the public and even the first family. The head that she is holding clearly is not the real head of President Donald Trump but the outrage its caused in media would have one think otherwise.


After her scandalous actions, Kathy Griffin has been facing some serious repercussions that are definitely affecting her career. New Years Eve Live! lost one of its co-hosts for over a decade when CNN fired Kathy Griffin for her actions against the current President. All of the gigs she's had planned for the upcoming tour has been canceled, it seems America had enough of her offensive comedy.

The first lady herself has publicly spoken on Kathy Griffin's actions and although she was expressing her freedom of speech it seems that she may have taken it too far.

Public Enemy #1

So is that it? Has America decided that Kathy Griffin has done the unthinkable and threw dirt on the President's name? Well, the answer lies with you.

As despicable and horrific as her images might have been there was nothing illegal with what the comedian did. It's no secret that President Trump is not the most favored President, but he also was not the first President this happened to. During the presidency of Barack Obama, there were images depicted of him hung by a noose and depicted as an animal.

Both images relating to the fact that he was a black man with very strong racial themes.

Here are the bare facts. Kathy Griffin did not commit a crime, she used her first amendment right with this photo shoot and she expressed her feelings towards the President. She has faced many repercussions that cost her sponsors, shows, and her reputation. Overnight she went from controversial comedian to public enemy #1 over a photo. Before making her out to be a bad guy remember this has been done before, the only difference is Kathy Griffin is a household name.