When you know what our president will Tweet before going and finding it, you can assume you have a bead on the fellow. I knew Trump would not be able to restrain himself. He would turn the London killings into a perpetuation of the murderous Mentality that has become his signature. Bingo. Here is the tweet.

The man is relentless. In one tweet he has elicited the basic stance he wishes us to have in the face of events like London Bridge.

Just the first sentence of his tweet would have been OK. But sentence two implies that our courts have robbed us of our rights. This is alt-right speech saying that our human rights are being violated by decisions that protect the rights of the innocent. To make his point clear he calls outright for the unconstitutional Travel Ban.


And make no mistake. We will have it. With Gorsuch having been placed on SCOTUS by the employment of the nuclear option in our divided Senate, we will have a series of decisions that should chill those who see that a murderous mentality is not confined to Donald Triump. It is universal and held in check only by the presence of good values which Trump appears to be without.

Murder is an add-on

The mentality of Donald Trump is shared by his supporters. But killing in today's world can be accomplished by other means. You would not say that business as a whole has a murderous mentality, but the toll exacted by the oil and automobile industries in deadly crashes dwarfs the outrage in London. Trump merely accentuates the tendency by his enthusiastic support for the killing industries.

These are led of course by the makers of deadly weapons. We give them to murderous nations like Saudi Arabia so they can murder Arabs in neighboring Yemen.

To be ethical

To be ethical the beginning point is to see ourselves as murderous and do something about it. The wisest thing to do is decide that violence and harm and hurt are not to be accepted.

That is civilization, not in Trump's loser terms but in terms of both reason and right. We are civilized when we embrace nonviolence.

Trump's gang mentality

Steps to the murderous mentality include selfishness, a refusal to engage in critical thought, intolerance, anti-democratic leanings and a penchant for exclusion and gang culture.

These are all abdications of the demand that we learn who we are and how to function positively in the world. In the age of Trump, those inclined to evil will be emboldened by the Xis, Putins, and Trumps who act and speak in ways that degrade lives and besmirch ideals.

I will gamble that the London killers seeing their victims as worthless and literally nothing were responding to the playbook of Donald Trump, His recent Paris decision evidences a willingness to gamble with the lives of all in the world. A murderous mentality on the loose has no place in the White House.