The Duggar family seems to attract controversies all the time. The family has been through a lot after Josh Duggar’s scandalous cases and his addiction to pornography were exposed. Recently, a photo of an innocent child has been the center of controversy. Social media users just can't let the photo of Spurgeon pass without saying anything. Spurgeon is Jessa Duggar Seewald's son. In the photo, he was sitting in a storage with pillows around him. The photo was captioned, “Spurgy wants to play hide and seek.”

What's with the hide and seek?

Spurgeon Duggar Seewald looks very cute and innocent in the photo posted by her mother Jessa on Instagram.

However, netizens are quite disturbed by the hide and seek caption. So what is wrong if Spurgy wants to play that game? One Instagram user was caught commenting on Jessa's post saying that hide and seek was already forbidden in the house of Duggars. This was in connection to the previous problem concerning Josh Duggar. It appears that the family has already forgotten that it was a rule in their household not to play hide and seek.

There were several other Instagram users who were reminded about how the family viewed the popular children's game. Another one strongly commented that since of Josh's "alleged molestation of his sisters, that game is already barred in the family." While there were lots of negative criticisms, there are quite a lot of Instagram users who found the photo simply cute.

Some appear to have been fed up with the negativity and defended the Duggars against the negative critics.

The root of the comments

When the scandal of Josh Duggar’s molestation of his sisters went out in public, Jessa and Jill, the victims, had a sit-down interview. In the interview, the Duggar sisters stated some protective measures that Jim and Michelle Duggar told them.

As parents, the couple wanted to avoid the same problem happening again and some rules were set to prevent it. Jim and Michelle told their children not to play hide and seek anymore. In addition, they were told not to play where they are alone or hide together with someone.

The Duggar sisters were also instructed to lock their doors at all times.

After the scandal, they were strict in implementing that girls should be together in one room and the boys in another room. It was just normal that these rules or safeguards were implemented after the molestation scandal. However, dragging the innocent photo of Spurgeon into Josh Duggar's controversy is a bit out of line.