Who are we and who is trump? We are people who believe in decency and good politics. When we can get neither we bypass losers and do whatever we can to deal with the damage they are doing. When election time comes, we try to oust them.

Trump provides us with daily indices of loss. He loses on policy. He loses on ethics. He may even be losing it period.

Should we feel sympathy?

We should let him know we're on to him and we should recommend that he leave office. But he gives every sign of being tenacious. For example, he has just given his West Wing upper-level cronies an ethical waiver.

Know what that is? It means you can plot and plan with your former employer and suffer no consequences.

Bannon rules

Oh, and because Trump does everything carelessly or by demonic design, he makes these rules retroactive. So if Steve Bannon wants to perform hatchet jobs on Breitbart from his White House office, he can do so with impunity. He has already done so. With a loser like Trump, believe the worst.

Donald is not working for us

Trump is in the process of being defeated by those who no longer have time or energy to cut him slack. He will lose to the likes of sensible people like Tulsi Gabbard. We can beat him.

Tulsi sets a goal all Americans should embrace.

Tulsi is in Congress and she is one of the Democratic leaders we should keep an eye on. She has JFK chops without the baggage. She could run rings around Trump were she in the West Wing.

Her "100 percent sustainable" is a recipe not merely for energy but for everything. Trump is trying to grow the economy. It is called blowing bubbles.

Sustainable is the new growth. It grows human beings and the communities they live in. Given automation, we need to make a turn.

Ethics waivers

Want to get up to speed on ethics waivers? Try this excellent summary from current rising star MSNBC. The video will explain how our loser president has contrived to shame himself this week.

Then there is the actual shame of Paris

We go to the NY Times editorial page for what should be news. This text will tell you all you need to know about the downside of the Trump Paris decision. It was inevitable. The base had to be fed. It is a shrinking base. The approval rating is now dangerously close to the 30s.

Yesterday's lies

Don't be fooled to hear that Trump never was a climate change denier. He will now emerge as a provisional believer.

More headlines. More Smoke And Mirrors.

Here is what to believe in. Donald serves the one percent and is willing to gamble our lives for short-term oil profits.The Trump agenda is dead. It is, even more, smoke and mirrors. He makes personal business deals while Congress struggles. He believes in cops and the military and little else. He could care less about anyone who is not a servile admirer. That is the portrait of a loser who bullies most when closest to defeat.