Donald Trump held a press conference today at 3:00 pm to announce that the United States will pull out of the paris climate accord. The Paris climate accord was adopted in 2015, with more than 190 nations agreeing to the framework. Former President Barack Obama initially signed on while he was still in office.

Trump continues to cause conflict in and out of the country

The Paris climate accord was designed to set and meet pollution reduction goals. The act was one of Barack Obama's greatest accomplishments while he was the President of the United States.

The decision by Trump has caused many of the United States' biggest companies to lash out by purchasing ads in the New York Times to express how they feel. Companies such as Microsoft feel that "the agreement generates jobs and economic growth and withdrawing could expose us to retaliatory measures."

Failing to 'Make America Great Again'

Less than five months into his presidency, Donald Trump has done nothing great for his country that is worth discussing. Every decision and move he has made has been controversial. The responsibility of being the President of the United States means making good on the promises that were made during your campaign. Instead, Donald Trump has moved like a dictator that seemingly cares less about the opinions and needs of the same citizens he begged for votes.

Also, a part of being a good President means maintaining a healthy relationship with other allied countries. Ironically, the only country he seems to have had a good standing relationship with is the one accused of helping him illegally win the 2016 Presidential election, Russia.

Exxon CEO speaks out

According to Bloomberg, Exxon CEO Darren Woods said at the company's annual investors meeting on Wednesday, "when it comes to policy, the goal should be to reduce emissions at the lowest cost to society.

Also, the Financial Times reported last week that Woods sent a personal letter to the president telling him "the U.S. must keep a seat at the negotiating table to ensure a level playing field" and "to negotiate the most cost-effective greenhouse gas reduction options."

Trump speaks on decision

During his press conference regarding his decision to pull out of the Paris climate accord, Donald Trump said: "we are looking to renegotiate to make a deal that's fair." He also stated that the United States will stop honoring non-binding parts of the deal as of today.

Ultimately, President Trump feels that the agreement favors other countries such as India and China and puts the U.S. at a disadvantage. He vowed that America will be the "cleanest country and will continue to expand job growth."