Since being elected the 45th US President, Donald J Trump has certainly been surrounded by controversies more than any other President before him. From the beginning, the perceived ties between Russia and President Trump's aides prior to the 2016 elections have rocked the new administration.

Trump's war of words with the media

Since his first press conference, Trump has embraced a head on fight with the mainstream media. In his controversial Twitter onslaught, the US President has lashed at CNN, NBC and The New York Times, among other news channels accusing them of circulating fake news.

Trump has blamed the mainstream media for being the enemy of the American people.

On international diplomacy, Trump has attracted a pool of controversies as well. The real estate tycoon turned politician has discredited a host of world leaders including German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French president François Hollande for their open policy on Muslim refugees seeking asylum in Europe. Unlike Trump, former President Barack Obama managed to forge a cordial diplomatic relationship with German and France. Trump's executive order barring Muslims migrants from entering the US has rattled the global community prompting a review on the ban.

Repealing and replacing Obama care

Another critical area that has drawn controversy for the Trump administration has been the decision to repeal and replace Obama care.

Over twenty million Americans use this affordable healthcare service. The new administration has vowed to repeal it without outlining how it will be replaced. Moreover, Donald Trump's government has also sought to change laws on protection of clean water sources for the American people as well as construct an oil pipeline through native land.

Even though the President has been sharply criticized over the use of his executive powers, Trump has blatantly ignored opponents.

The President also created a lot of controversy about the way he has handled the judiciary. He has viciously lashed out at judges and even challenged their decisions on major policies.The US president has been quick to condemn or simply vilify any judge opposed to his stance on immigration.

Trump's wiretapping claims

The current absurd controversy instigated by President Trump regards the claim that his predecessor Barack Obama ordered him to be wiretapped. The FBI director James Comedy has nonetheless downplayed the accusations noting that no such incident ever took place. President Obama's spokesman Kevin Lewis has also termed the claim as "simply false."

As the one hundred days in office for President Donald J. Trump approaches, the world is waiting with abated breathe to see what Washington will offer despite the ever increasing controversies.