In an interview with CNN producer, John Bonifield an executive producer for the network spilled the beans on CNN’s coverage of Russia, the Project Veritas website reports. According to the website, the Russia coverage is only for "ratings," so what happened to reporting the truth? That is what many Americans are asking after viewing the video, shot by one of Project Veritas own reporters. The video starts in the CNN parking lot and, as the reporter follows Mr. Bonifield through the CNN building, he answers many questions that have risen up in the American people’s minds.

As I have written in my previous articles exposing the CNN narrative, during the 2016 election, CNN showed much bias when covering the candidates. As you may recall, CNN was reporting all positive things about Clinton, while trying to drag Trump through the mud. Toward the end of the campaigns, CNN stated that they did all they could do for Hillary’s campaign. That alone showed what CNN was about, but, now, we see they never stopped reporting "fake news." They admit that the Russia story is fake, however, they cover the story because it brings the ratings.

What is Project Veritas?

Project Veritas, known for their undercover videos, has brought to our attention many things that the elite are doing behind closed doors.

They are the ones that secretly record conversations that they believe people need to hear.

According to the Project Veritas manifesto, they were founded by James O’Keefe to expose corruption. They do so by placing undercover journalists in strategic places to get the scoop on the corruption of the government and the media.

They vow to keep going until the corruption is exposed, leaders resign, and the corrupt organizations are shut down. Whether you like Project Veritas or not, you should respect their motivation.

CNN CEO Jeff Zucker Corruption

According to the Veritas article, CNN CEO Jeff Zucker is very aware of what CNN is doing. As a matter-of-fact, he is the leader behind it.

During the Paris accord coverage, Veritas reported him saying, "good job everybody covering the Climate Accords, but we’re done with it let’s get back to Russia." In other words, he blatantly directed CNN employees to get off the real story due to lack of ratings and get back on the fake Russia narrative.

Sara Huckabee said in a press briefing earlier this week that if the corruption comes all the way from the top, that is scary. Over the retraction of the last Russia piece, three journalists were forced to resign due to embarrassment. I don’t know about you, but if I was labeled as fake news, I would be more that embarrassed. Here is the whole interview.