Sean Hannity unloaded on CNN fake news pusher Jim Acosta in a segment of Hannity. Acosta, according to Hannity, has become a “whiny” unhinged reporter since Trump took office, whining daily about the treatment of CNN. Sean Spicer, the WH press secretary, usually takes the hit from Acosta but on this occasion, GOP lawmakers are calling for the firing of the journalist.

The Mediaite website reported yesterday how Sean Hannity commented that “CNN is working hard to become the world leader in fake news.” With this statement becoming true with each passing day, America is getting tired of CNN posing as a news agency and producing, in my opinion, the fakest news of all the networks combined.

It is only a matter of time before President Trump imposes a ban on Acosta from all press briefings. With GOP lawmakers already calling for his firing, the CNN reporter may be just a memory very soon, The Hill reports.

CNN CEO behind the fake news

With a top ranking CEO being behind the waterfall of fake Russian stories coming from the bowels of the organization, what else can we expect from the network? Earlier this week, three CNN writers have resigned following the retraction of yet another fake Russia story from the failing network. According to the Project Veritas website, they did an undercover interview with CNN producer John Bonifield.

In the interview, Bonifield blows the lid off of CNN news cover-ups.

Bonifield exposes the Russia news story that CNN seems to always push as “real news.” Not only that, but the website also exposes CNN CEO, Jeff Zucker, as pushing the fake agenda. In a statement that Bonifield made, he exposed the CEO as saying, “you all did well on the climate change accord, now let's get back to Russia.” In the statement, Zucker was talking to the CNN staff.

With Acosta reporting directly to Zucker, the conspiracies just keep piling up.

Project Veritas mission to wake CNN up

In the Project Veritas manifesto, they claim they are on a mission to expose all corruption in high places. In the video that the website published, James O’keefe, the organization's founder said he doesn’t believe this will put CNN out of business.

But he hopes it will wake the network up and maybe they will start reporting real news again. In the article, Project Veritas also says that Bonifield also claims that President Trump if probably right to claim that when it comes to him, CNN is on a “witch hunt.” Bonifield also says that CNN has no proof of Russian Collusion, they only cover the subject for ratings.