The firestorm that is consuming Washington, but amusing the rest of the country, over President Donald Trump’s Twitter broadside against Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski is proceeding apace. An argument has broken out about whether Trump is mad or really a mad genius. Cogent arguments have been advanced for both propositions.

Donald Trump is mad

Scarborough and Brzezinski have penned an op-ed in the Washington Post in which they repeat their accusation that the president has mental health issues, the very thing that triggered Trump to start with.

The MSNBC power couple takes up a more sorrow than in anger tone that they likely do not feel and suggest that Trump not watch “Morning Joe” anymore if he finds it so upsetting, even though the president explicitly denied still viewing the low rated cable news program. Instead, Trump should stick with “Fox and Friends” as it tends to validate the president’s view of his own greatness.

But he’s really a mad genius

Charles Hurt, writing for the Washington Times, has a slightly different view of Trump’s Tweet storm. He compares the president to a beloved dog who must shuffle off this mortal coil all too soon. Hurt believes that Trump is a “mad genius” who knew what he was doing when taking down a self-absorbed cable news couple and triggering the rest of the media, sending it to the fainting couch.

The Washington Times writer points out that it is hardly sexist to accuse a woman of being stupid, as Trump did Brzezinski in his tweets. Women, if they are to be treated equally at all, should accept that they can be treated equally poorly. Trump lashed both Scarborough and Brzezinski, but the media seems to be more irate at the fact that he did something no gentleman should do, which is to hit the girl.

Hurt also does a little fact checking and finds out, contrary to denials, that Scarborough and Brzezinski were indeed hanging out at Mar-a-Lago. Were the two media sweethearts trying the sidle up to the president? A sensible person might say that it looks like it.

On the other hand, Hurt doesn’t find any evidence for or against the notion that Brzezinski with a bloody facelift.

No one has done the fact checking necessary to determine whether she has had work done or not.

Finally, Hurt notes that Brzezinski initial reaction to Trump’s Twitter assault was somewhat less than classy. She posted a “picture of a Cheerios box with a small child reaching a tiny finger out for a little-toasted Cheerio. The box reads: ‘Made for Little Hands.’” That was a clear reference to something that came up during the campaign that equated small hands with a tiny manhood. In other words, the put-upon woman gave as good as she got.