Throughout the Trump campaign and presidency, the President has said that CNN is fake news. Yet, is there any proof of this? Tuesday morning, he tweeted the same thing. According to The Daily Caller, someone replied to the tweet. The commenter was demanding proof that CNN published "fake news."

So The Daily Caller answered his request with false stories CNN released. While many news sources publish false news stories, many retract the story with an apology. However, there are 3 stories that are false that CNN stands by. So what are these stories?

There are at least 5, according to the Daily Caller, but I will list 3 to save time.

CNN reports "hands up, don’t shoot"

In December of 2014, a CNN panel did a segment with the panelists putting their hands up and saying “hands up, don’t shoot.” Another panelist helps a sign saying "I can't breathe." They reported the story as if it had any truth behind it.

The panel included Margaret Hoover, Mel Robbins, Sunny Hostin and Sally Kohn.

They were doing a story on the Micheal Brown case where the youth was gunned down by Ferguson, Missouri police. They claimed that Micheal Brown had his hands up before he was shot. Yet, the Obama administration concluded that the "use of deadly force was not uncalled for," as reported by The Daily Caller.

CNN claimed that Sherelle Smith "called for peace"

Sherelle Smith, the sister of Sylville Smith did an interview with a group of reporters after police shot Sylville last August. CNN edited the clip to make it seem like Mrs. Smith was calling for peace in the streets. However, according to the Daily Caller, she was calling for riots in "white suburban neighborhoods," instead.

Not only was she not calling for peace, but she was telling the rioters to take the violence to the white neighborhoods. CNN has been known for doing this to get views. They did this and did not retract the story or ask for an apology from their viewers.

CNN said it is illegal to look at Wikileaks

Back in October of 2016, Chris Cuomo, a CNN reporter, claimed that is illegal to look at the content that WikiLeaks published. The WikiLeaks, owned by Julian Assange, is known for publishing damaging leaks of public figures. However, according to The Daily Caller, this too is false. Not only is it false, but it caused legal experts to raise their eyebrows in surprise.

Cuomo also said it is illegal to even possess these stolen documents.

During this report from Cuomo, WikiLeaks was dumping emails from John Podesta to the public. Not only is this false, but Washington Post also reported that Cuomo said that it is illegal for anyone except the media. Double standard? What are your thoughts? Leave us a comment in the comment section below.