After 12 seasons of "Supernatural," some of the episodes in it are bound to be skipped when binge-watching the show. The reasons that qualified the episodes for this list are diverse; however, they mostly consist of poorly written plots, weak substance or no substance at all, and uninteresting dialogues that might have made you skim through the episode.

5. 'Hibbing 911'

One of the best recurring characters is Jody Mills, and we are quite glad that the "Supernatural" writers have not killed her off yet, but that episode was not her best. She went on from being a "weak victim" to a heroine, but in the episode where she paired with Brianna, things could have been executed better.

It turned out to be somewhat bland and focusing on Donna without establishing her character was a rushed move from the show writers. Vampires are interesting, but that episode could have used a little more spice.

4. 'Bitten'

This type of episode was meant to be different and incorporate "real footage," but it did not turn out as well as the writers would have hoped. Sam and Dean only made a cameo in the episode, and the plot line focused on a bunch of teenagers getting bitten and killing each other. This "found footage" was a popular trend at that time, but it was not meant for "Supernatural". Although it might have had a bit of interesting ending, the audience likely did not make it to that part.

3. Bugs

This episode is so bad, at some point during the show it was also mocked by the writers themselves in the "Monsters at the End of This Book". It occurred pretty early in the show's lifespan so we will forgive the writers and call it "a style discovering attempt", but even the visuals were disappointing. It is also worth mentioning that Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles had to be around actual bees for the footage, which in the final cut, ended up not being used at all.

2. Route 666

Although the writers tried to spice things up with the first sex scene ever in "Supernatural", it still was not enough to spark the episode.

1. Bloodlines

This has to be the worst episode in the history of episodes. Yep, it even managed to surpass the racist truck. This episode was intended to be a backdoor spin-off for the new show that was supposed to be set in the "Supernatural" universe.

The plot consisted of a "monster version" of Romeo and Juliet and a policeman caught in the middle of it. Sam and Dean are barely seen in the episode, mostly because the show itself is not concerned with them, but this goes to show that without the Winchesters, there is no reason to watch "Supernatural". The characters were not that interesting and attention-grabbing, thus leaving the audience wanting more Sam and Dean, and less everything else.

Although the bar might have been set too high by episodes such as "Swan Song" or "All Hell breaks loose", a TV Show that lasts for such a long time will normally have some story lines that could have been rewritten.