Hello, Sunday Morning! Hey, Aries! As the first of the zodiac signs, you like to get out and get going. Aries, you've got an upbeat and magnetic personality often entices others to follow your lead. You were born to lead! There's no doubt that you bring excitement into others lives. Your daily horoscope for Aries looks at travel and dreams. Let’s see what the stars are saying. Astrologer Megan Wilson breaks it down below.

What to expect

Today, Aries, you should be thinking about tolerance and be taking notice of what extent it can liberate you. If you let others do and think what they like, you will find that you will seek the same right for yourself.

Today, this can be an issue for you. You can free yourself only if you don't allow cultural norms to ruffle your feathers.

With the presence of the Moon in Pisces today, it’s time to travel! You will be taking a trip to a place you’ve dreamt about for a while now. Take the family with you and make it an adventure. You may even find satisfaction in certain interests that may benefit your work level. Nevertheless, make it a dream come true!

Good fences make good neighbors, and that's never been truer than right now. Someone wants to be a good friend to you, but he or she needs to know your limits. Be kind but firm about your standards

Don't be surprised if a wave of altruism washes over you today, Aries, since you're a sucker for good causes and underdogs.

How to get through your day

To get through your day, Aries, wearing violet will be lucky for you. You may not have much free time today, so us the time wisely, as the stars suggest to get some fresh air. Later on, a little behavior which could make your partner jealous will relight the flame of passion in you. Since you're in such a giving mood if you're asked to make a donation, buy something that will benefit a nonprofit or contribute your time to a charity.

But watch out Aries -- be sure the person who sees your soft heart -- and checkbook -- doesn't take advantage of you.

If your partner is a Scorpio, tonight you will have heaps of erotic energy, and you'll feel the urge for something different, maybe hidden or unconfessable!

Aries, the stars have suggested to not throw yourself head over heels into a relationship without knowing enough of who you are dealing with.

Well, Aries, that’s it for today’s daily horoscope for Aries. Thank you for reading, and it was a pleasure bringing this Daily horoscope to you. Have a wonderful Sunday!