The world that is dying is based on a binary ethic which basically says dog eat dog. That is no ethic at all, but it underlies all either-or thinking because the end of such thinking is almost always conflicted and has no resolution. trump is the quintessence of binary thinking. He gets from idea to act without one thought about implications or ethics. The world has progressed because people did think and design and apply values to their expressions and acts. The world can only move forward triadically.

Trump's Russia dump

The short version is that Trump shared highly classified stuff about plans to do in ISIS with Putin -- via Mr.

Lavrov. Such details as we have are in the NY Times story included below. The longer version is that Trump has made no secret of his admiration for the binary group is ethics-free dictators wherever they may be.

Russia is there

Russia happens to be the most provocative and newsworthy example If Antarctica was the most newsworthy Trump would tweet about Antarctica all the time.

The idolization of secrecy

The only thing Trump has right, by implication, is that Secrecy is itself stupid. Among the earliest things attributed to Jesus who outlined the triadic basis of progress is that no secret survives. All truth gets revealed. The harm in secrecy can be assumed from this wise statement. We idolize secrecy.

We thrive on it. We think classification is a big deal. We put people in jail for sharing secrets. We keep secrets. It is mostly sham or more politely useless.

Lawyer fodder

Jesus had little use for lawyers.

People with no ethics require lawyers the way addicts need drugs. Binary thinking is an invitation to destruction and lawyers try to keep their clients from ruin due to their ethics-free existence. Triadic thinking is no guarantee that disaster can be avoided. Triadic thinking is simply the interposition of ethics between one's thought or impulses and one's expression or deed.

To achieve progress universal values must be the basis of ethics.

General values

General or universal values are not goals like make America great or Restore Soviet glory. These are brute impulses and in a binary world, they foment evil as we speak. The general values that work interactively to create behavior that has a shot at truth and beauty are tolerance, helpfulness, and democracy. These are precisely the principles that in the mind of a Putin or a Trump become useful slogans in a big lie strategy. In a triadic person, these modify impulses and lead to consideration of sane options. Values enable us to think before acting.

Trump needs to be gone

We need a president who thinks before acting. The inference is clear enough. Trump must go. So too must Putin and all other tinpot dictators.