The Comey firing was neither here nor there. It is simply disruption. It is thumbing our nose at the dumb media who cannot see what we are doing. We are prepping for war. We are winning because we have the secret sauce. It is this very disruption that's underway. While the world gets hot and bothered about the confused Russian morass, grasping at their little straws, we will stride manfully to solidify the power we need to wage the war we want. We are doing it for the white man, you dunces.

Bear with me

This argument has always been plausible, disturbing as it may be.

See if it does not comport with the actual flow of events. As trump engages the world in Russian confusion, he expands the idea of a local, state-based amalgamation of local police forces with already hardened ICE agents and people from Border Control. The Wall is disruption like Russia and taxes. The health care business is disruption incarnate. While we are moaning over these absurdities, Trump is playing the Federalist Society game to keep the world safe from "them" and hold on to what "we" have by stacking every court in the land.


This story may join the pantheon of outrageous scenarios for us to worry about. It is a softening up of America because Donald Trump, Steve Bannon and a few others in the West Wing are winning every day they can do something that dismantles our pusillanimous, cowardly and incurably naive nation.

The goal is to consolidate power and enable dictatorship and to do it before anyone realizes what is happening. Comey is about disruption pure and simple.

The Trip

The wise heads of the media are saying Trump is dumb and courting fate and paving the way for his abject failure.

Steve and Donald beg to differ, We are going to go to our friends the good Arabs and the Bibi people. These are the oil, automobile, short-term profit allies who compose the one percent of the world. These are killers on our side, not the terror side. We are in a binary war but it isn't your binary. It is not the resistance versus Trump.

It is the America that follows us and our allies against the universalists, the real liberals, the Martin Luther King sorts, the Oliver Stone people, the failed Keith Olbermann sorts, These people will cave at the first sight of a cop who is under orders to find them.

Make America Great is a mantra of anger

The scenario I am sketching may be closer to the truth than what is being reported. The problem is that we are the beneficiaries of this process and every move Trump and Bannon make is designed to separate us from those we play a part in oppressing. We need to make a penitential turn in our thinking. Waking up would help.