The world watched nervously on Sunday as the #French Election took place, and some breathed a sigh of relief as #emmanuel macron beat Marine #Le Pen in a concise and well-celebrated victory.

The French election had taken on a special significance as a wave of popular sentiment has swept the Western world, giving us Brexit, a Trump White House and a backlash to what is called the global elite.

Tensions and upset across the western world

With tensions rippling through #Western democracies such as the United Kingdom and the United States, populist anger has created unlikely victories for political outsiders.

The middle class's have tried to vote to fix or at least address their own economic insecurity and also their alienation from the big political parties. There is also, of course, the increased resentment against immigrants, who have been incorrectly blamed as having taken precious resources and causing more danger.

Emmanuel Macron is an outsider to the Political System; he came with his own ideas – and a private investor's sensibility – as well as an outsider's ability to fix what many see as France's broken political system as well as the country's current crisis of identity.