Cybercommunities will not look like the image above. But Buckminster Fuller's famous geodesic dome shows at least the direction in which we must all go. It is the only way to meet the otherwise catastrophic results of our endemic slobhood. We have been slobs from the foundation of history. We have to invent words that describe reality as truth becomes clear.

Slobhood is a human proclivity that needs little explanation. Landfills are the evidence of the American love affair with waste and prodigal fickleness when it comes to sustaining anything. Throw it away.

Recycling may help but sometimes it seems like a cruel joke. Cybercommunities make ecology doable.


I suggest we lighten up on ourselves and accept our slobhood, our venality, our Philistine tendencies. We solve nothing by denial.On the positive side, we have reason and will and conscience. We have consciousness -- we think, plan, figure and manifest genius at times. We have a myriad mix of many characteristics. And we can vary and change at will.

Cybercommunities trump fascism

We are in a world poised to allow Donald Trump to implement the will of folk like Steve Bannon.

Bannon wishes to continue Trump's destruction of tolerance, helpfulness, and democracy, the values of human progress, and move us toward a fascism that will reassure people who look for security in place of freedom. Bannon wants a white person's world again. Some determinists see late capitalism as an inevitable collapse enabling a Bannon-type race war, part racist, part anti-Islamic.

A seismic way out of this conundrum is proposed by cybercommunities.

A way forward

By a fortuitous coincidence, climate change and our political crisis emerge simultaneously to create the solution proposed by cybercommunities. That solution is a disruptive but redemptive switch from our impossible consumer economy to one which places investment in human beings of all ages.

It moves democracy from its captivity to corporate corruption and institutional racism to local expression as a new iteration of what community can be. It sees a car-free mode of existence as one foundation of a complete redesign of today's unsustainable world. Cybercommunities enable a partnership between visionaries and entrepreneurs, rejecting the binary division between the two groups.

Beyond neoliberalism

Critics of neoliberalism are right in showing the fundamental violence and hypocrisy at its center. They need to be more aggressive in wresting the values of progress -- tolerance, helpfulness, and democracy -- and making them fundamental and universal.

We need to gain the support of some of today's wealthy community, making them the generators of the cybercommunities option. We need a sort of Noah's Ark leap. That iteration is possible. It is much better than letting Steve Bannon's racist declension of reality triumph.