Keith Olbermann is a relentless fellow. How he got from sports to becoming one of the most stubborn trump-chasers in existence, I do not hazard a guess. But without him, there might be no daily compendium of the possible dooms facing the president. If Olbermann has his way Donald J. Trump, president of the United States of America, may not be in office much longer.


This broadcaster once counted down to millions on MSNBC. He spawned that cable network's present rising cast. Now he is reduced to having a video posted daily on YouTube.

These videos deliver messages that consist entirely of denunciations of the President.


These are accompanied by allegations and documentations. They are advanced as proof that Trump, a sometimes conspiracy theorist who apparently cannot hold hands with his wife is, in fact, impeachable. Olbermann thinks the president is guilty of enough crimes and misdemeanors to send him permanently back to one of his several residences.

The video

The video posted here is the latest in the series Olbermann calls The Resistance. This one deals with a tweet Olbermann credits to a New Republic correspondent. The tweet says Comey had better hope that there are no tapes that might contradict the former FBI chief's damaging memorandum.

In the written recollection, Comey said Trump attempted to influence him not to investigate According to Keith and a number of other reports, it is precisely this area of inquiry that is creating a modest exodus of Republican leaders from their up close and personal contacts with Trump. The mention of tapes scares them mightily.

Russia did not go away

It will never be clear, should Trump be sent packing, if he brought it on himself or not. The last person to have the same problem was Dick Nixon who nobody said was a fool.

But he was foolish enough to make tapes for posterity that led to his disgrace and removal.

Now Trump, widely regarded as a bit of a fool, is talking about tapes and Keith is hypothesizing on steroids. He has a whole handful of president-sinking hypotheses. They assume Trump may or may not have been telling the truth about the tapes. Olbermann says if Trump was just threatening Comey with a single tape-related tweet, that could be enough to get him impeached.

The everything hypothesis

I shall revert to my emerging everything hypothesis. There is no end to Trump transgressions. The drama we are in is about Trump going away. He was destined to impact our moribund democracy with the biggest wake-up call since the Boston Tea Party.

Even bigger, Donald would say. When he goes away, the number of sins and offenses and causes will be enormous. Trump will probably make a deal and be gone. If this is wrong, then the Dictator hypothesis will be brought out. We will suffer more pain than we ever imagined.