Well, it is official. Officials have called it "Islamic terror." The terror attack in Manchester was indeed a radical Islamic terror attack. So, where do we go from here? The same place we have gone to after all the terror attacks over the past few years: denial. So why is this becoming the norm for the secular world these days? The following sequence of events may sound familiar to you.

It never fails. We first have a terror attack. Then the media outlets refuse to call it Radical Islam. The reports come out, and it turns out to be radical Islam.

Then the people feel enraged. After that, the media downplays the attack and refuses to call it what it is. The people then go back to sleep until the next terror attack. Over and over we see this play out. So what is the problem?

Europe "in denial"

According to the Washington Times, Europe is "in denial". The officials and the people are in denial that the terrorists are indeed "radical Islamic terrorists." Does this mean that all Muslims are bad people? Of course not. We all know some great Muslims. But there is a number that shares radical beliefs. Think about Waco Texas and David Koresh. No one had a problem with calling Koresh a "radical Christian." It did not matter that he held no Christian views at all, the media called it what it was.

Today, if a group like that arose, the media would still have no problem with coining the term "radical Christian." So what is the deal?

According to the article, Europe has become the home to thousands of Syrian-based ISIS fighters. That is a problem when you are trying to fight radical terrorism. Yet, they keep flowing in by the thousands.

Another point is this: each European country is afraid to offend the Muslims that are not a part of the extremism fringe. No, not all Muslims agree with ISIS. This will take strategy, and well thought out plans. But, not calling the problem a problem will only make it worse.

The "PC" culture is to blame

Political correctness is to blame for the hypocritical views people have these days.

There are terms that are distasteful to some, no matter how true they are. That is the problem. If we are afraid to speak our mind, then problems will continue to escalate.

We must call a duck, a duck and a cow, a cow. The problem is people are scared to call things what they are these days. According to Wikipedia, the term "political correctness," is used to describe some language, policies, or measures that are intended to avoid offense or disadvantage to members of particular groups in society. Since "radical Islam" offends Muslims, it is coined "politically incorrect."

However, if we do not call it what it is, we are hurting any chance of fixing the problem. We must raise awareness of the problem to fix the problem.

If the masses do not know there is a problem, then they don't know to fix it. The only thing we are doing is masking the problem. The only problem with masking something is that the problem still remains underneath the mask.

Trump changes his terminology during the middle east trip

President Trump during his campaign was using the term "radical islamic terrorism." Yet, during his trip to the middle east, he changes his terminology. That is not solving anything at all. Obama did the same thing. During his campaign, he used "radical Islamic terrorism" to describe ISIS. After he was elected, like Trump, he changed the terminology.

We must keep President Trump's feet over the fire as well as any future president.

While the PC culture is not likely to go away anytime soon, we must not give in to it. If we continue down the path we are headed, things are only going to get worse. I suggest that leaders stick to their guns. Flip-flopping only confuses the situation.