Trumpcare depression is endemic as I write. But we should not be surprised. We are in the midst of a con job that began when Trump decided to play the birther card. He parlayed that into a hate-based campaign that won the hearts of evangelicals who thought he was OK regardless. A man who genuinely does not know from one day to the next what he thinks or what he will do is our president. He is never wrong. He is never defeated. He has to remind himself that he is the President. We have had reason to be depressed for a long time. Which is why I have elected to offer the faces of kids in place of the smiling visage of Mr.


Four Options

There are four things that can happen now. The Senate can resist the bill that only got worse after it was roundly rejected the first time. It took Trump eight weeks to work his con on the Hoose GOP. It is a lovely irony that the exact amount that the House bill, Trumpcare, will cut out of the heart of Medicaid is precisely what the president will cut the taxes of the richest Americans by. Every dollar that the one percent gets to keep is is literally blood money. But if the Senate resists we could see our first option as a possible split in the GOP. We would get to see the President go histrionic and cry that he is being betrayed. In short, the Senate could save us from the worst.

Getting rid of Trump

A small remnant of the GOP Senate could work with Democrats to either impeach the president or deem him unfit to serve. That option could flow from the first. The third option is that the Senate could essentially cave. The GOP Senators could become an amen chorus, making a few changes to enable the whole package to pass, After the House vote this third possibility is more likely than it was yesterday.

People get tired and careless and the Senators might simply fold. The Senate folding would open up the fourth way this whole thing could go..The Steve Bannon Donald Trump deconstruction could continue, oblivious to the poor and vulnerable and sick, and always able to go to war if distraction will help the process along. That option is thinkable as a result of today's vote.

It was thinkable months ago but it has become more thinkable now.

Getting rid of the GOP

We need to get rid of Trump before we get rid of the GOP. We cannot have a man in the White House who is like Donald Trump, incapable of truth, incapable of thinking beyond himself, capable of unlimited vengeful behavior toward Barack Obama. Then we can be rid of the GOP. It would be better if the GOP split on Trumpcare and helped get rid of Trump. That would give both parties a future. These ways ahead do not leave much room for optimism, but there is no justification for optimism in a country that will pass a bill opposed by every reputable medical organization. No one knows what it will cost or how many people it will essentially condemn to death. It is a tax cut at the expense of the forgotten Americans Trump forgets about until he needs another rally.