trump has been accurately described as a congenital liar. There is no truth in him. This would be an insult and out of school if it was said about most every person on the planet, But in Trump's case, my authority is closer to Trump than almost anyone else has ever been. There is no such thing as a Lie in Trump's understanding. Everything he says is true. There s no such thing as losing. If the world says he lost, it was rigged. So the lies go unchallenged. The media accepts it. And when the rubber hits the road, the people suffer.

Beware Trumpcare

This is how it will work in the still-unlikely event that the Senate passes the bill that the House is about to vote on tomorrow. The House will probably pass Trumpcare, riddled with lies. Trump will exult because it is just one more step and he will have led Obamacare. The fact that many more than Barack Obama will be involved when the death toll is computed. The $8 billion Trump used to bemuse opponents of his bill in the House appears to be an unfunded addition to the bill under consideration. Experts have weighed in now and say it is not going to work to help all those Obamacare now helps. It will work as a lie and little more.

The New York Times story can be read via the tweet below.

Getting real

To get real, let's say that the bribe Trump won opponents with is only a tiny fraction of what the current legislation would provide. The total in offerings to make healthcare work is $138 billion, And that is still not enough to fund high-risk pools.

Besides, the bill does not explain how such pools work. We are looking at jerry-built legislation designed to replace Obamacare. Prospects for those with pre-existing conditions are diminished and more expensive. Medicaid shrinks. States under Trumpcare could also hurt those on prescription drug regimens and persons now receiving drug addiction treatment.

All told, Trumpcare seeks to pay less while promising more. The result of paying less will be less.

One system for all

There should be one system for everyone that covers everything. It should be the same for all. There would be no limit on the freedom to supplement this care. But all medical professionals would be obligated to serve within the system. We also need basic income. These two basics could replace many entitlements and create a vastly more level playing field than now exists. We will never come close to this under a Trump administration. The best we can hope for is that living with Trump lies convinces us of the urgent necessity of moving in this direction.