Oh dear. What can the matter be? If you are Donald Trump it may be that the matter is he doesn't do computer, just gadgets, and TV. So he does not delve into the marginalized work of Keith Olbermann who, truth be told, is pursuing Trump more resolutely than, say, the New York Times. That is serious resolute because the NY Times has all the reason in the world to want to claim they got him when Trump gets gotten And what you will see on the video included here may be your first look at the rest of the story of Donald Trump.

Let's get that video


here it is:

Is a grand jury Now Looking into Trump? | The Resistance with Keith Olbermann | GQ

People I know who are in the know are clear about one thing that has to do with getting rid of Trump. Trump's feds won't lift a finger. Only state officials can begin to chip away at the wall Trump tries to build between himself and the truths that dog him. Look to the states' attorneys.

I am not going to try to recapitulate the video. In essence, it says that Comey himself let on to the existence of grand jury inquiries into aspects of Trump's Russia ties. It surmises that one grand jury in Northern Virginia may be close to completing its investigation. It purports to be the latest thing on Trump and Russia.

Hold on. Let me see, A cursory search of the NY Times reveals nothing like what Keith is unearthing.


So congratulations to Keith for providing us with what appears to be credible evidence of ongoing processes related to Trump and Russia. a matter corroborated by our friend James Comey, President-maker. If the drama I think we are in is a reflection of truth, the Russia story is not going away.

Neither is the Trump business story disappearing. In fact, it will only take one card to fall to bring the whole house down. Trump's days may not be numbered but unless the NY Times and other interested parties have been conned, as the House GOP was yesterday ti pass a defective bill, Keith's story will surface. As indeed it has in at least one venue:

Isn't it funny that we can speak of known people watched by thousands online as marginalized?

But Keith knows what I mean. Marginalized means you were once recognizable to whatever your world happens to be. These days most everyone is marginalized. It should be a badge of honor. I watch Keith and this is the first time I have thought, yes, he's on to something that might, just might, play out. And that it began with a tweet from someone no one has ever heard of. Watch the video and read the Palmer Report tweet to get that story and become familiar with the lay of the land that is largely unknown most of the media, yet.