James Comey made a big mistake and he knows it. Why else would he perform histrionically before Senate investigators today and said we made him nauseous with our charges that he influenced the election. Is the man stupid? When trump commits one of his serial errors, does Comey speak the truth to himself: "I put him there." It took until fairly recently for information to surface that shows there was a three percent bump because of Comey's horrible intervention.

The only potential forgiveness came when he began, after Trump was in office, to admit he was hot on Trump's trail.

Comey could go down in history as one of the enablers of the worst fraud ever perpetrated on the nation. He raised emails but not Russia.

Here is the text of the home page headline on the NY Times site:

Comey ‘Mildly Nauseous’ Over Idea He Swayed the Election

That's word for word. When you click on it, you get a revised headline that essentially lets Comey off the hook on the nausea matter. The access to the entire article is at the tweet below.:

Comey merely informed the world two weeks after he cleared Clinton that he had new evidence. That was a revelation so fraught with import that the hearts of Clinton's supporters sank as soon as his letter was made public.

He did not say anything about the outcome of his investigation. He could and should have said Trump was under investigation also. He didn't. He is a Republican. Trusting him to act impartially or even rationally was probably a stretch. But there s no reason under the sun for suggesting that what he did was right, or that it did not have disastrous consequences that are still being revealed with every new day.

If he can live with himself without discomfort he is as weird as the man whose election he facilitated.

Being unfair and repenting is better than ignoring

My justification for being so self-assured is that I have followed this with almost minute attention. I have watched Comey try to atone for his sin against us by coming down on Trump.

The least he can do is rid us of the problem he caused. But he is in the same precise position now as the rest of us. Trump has the keys to the chicken house. Comey can to little now that will result in convincing Jeff Sessions to charge the President with a crime. Comey is secure as a discredited official who has now compounded his error by suggesting there is no basis for assuming he influenced the election. He should pay as much attention to the evidence in that matter as he may have done toward killing Clinton's chances. Yes, I forgive Comey but that is not forgiving the sin.