It looks more and more that the author of history at present is not Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. The prime mover may be James Comey. That would be true if the President ends up guilty of covering up things he actually did. Comey was the probable author of Hillary's doom. That comes from a data driven report published in Huffington Post The report explains Donald Trump's victory. We all know he did not win over half the votes. He won the Electoral College.

80,000 votes

Trump won by just 80,000 votes, the sum of the winning margin in three swing states, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

The material published in Huffington Post the Comey letter might have been the crucial push Trump needed. Why I say probable is that more and more it seems there was some sort of collusion involving the Trump campaign and with Congress unable to be more than a circuit, Comey, with an investigation in hand, can get to the bottom if it. If I am right, Trump goes.

Trump is vulnerable

Today, as we speak, Hillary remorse is clear and searing. The tweet below reminds us that Hillary won the popular vote, enough for many to warrant seeing her as president.

It is also the case that Mr. Trump is now the one who is being investigated by the FBI. And then there is the matter of Mr. Trump's embarrassing falling approval rating. We have seen no presidential tweets lately suggesting these items are fake.

What does Hillary say

Hillary Clinton does not tweet as she did during her campaign.

Things are subdued and tweets are spaced by days, not minutes. From all I can gather, she has no immediate or even long-term political ambition. There may be a temperament problem. There may simply be an awareness that it is time for new leaders to rise up and try their hand at the big show.

Was she wronged?

On the matter of Hillary deserving the presidency, the answer is more than likely yes but there may be good reasons for letting the election go.

She seems past the possibility of achieving it. She is very good at what she still can do. We will cross that bridge finally if Comey finds the crimes and misdemeanors that remain hidden in the fluff Congress is strewing over the actual facts. If she was truly wrong, Mr. Comey will truly find out.