Logic Artists, the creators and developers of "Expeditions: Conquistador," releases another sequel entitled "Expeditions: Viking." The game mainly focuses on the rich history of Vikings together with a carefully weaved RPG system. The hex tiles are mainly present along with certain field conditions that affect the overall gameplay. Also, the game has excellent soundtrack along with its portraits on both loading screens and character portraits.

While the Rpg elements incorporate the whole theme of "Expeditions: Viking," Logic Artists made the story unique from the mainstream Viking-themed stories we've always heard of.

Actually, the main story of the game focuses more on the thegn (an English thane) and the start of his/her role in the clan while they hold a feast for his/her late father.

Another great thing about this game is the optional quests and choices that you can do. However, these optional quests determine the success or failure on the main quests. So, it is important to choose carefully before moving on to other quests.

Crafting, camping, and witchcraft

We all think about witches when we hear about crafts and magic. "Expeditions: Viking" contains witches in the game. However, they are more of a shaman rather than witches. In fact, shamans use healing spells and salves from gathered herbs and materials, which is present in the game.

Other than that, the main focal point of witchcraft lies in the camping area. There are certain times where your characters are injured in the battle. This is where witches enter and do their "craft." By Witchcraft, they can create medicine from gathered herbs and heal other allies.

From among the learned skills from each character, you can choose from a variety of jobs to do while camping.

Resting, Hunting, Scouting, Guarding, Preserving are the common choices. On the other hand, other choices are available depending on the character's skills.

Scouting and Hunting yield meat and resources that are crucial in your expedition while Cleaning and Guarding assures safety from unexpected attacks. Most of all, it is important to do battles to gain SP or skill points, which can be used to increase the level of other skills or learn a new one.

Patch notes and fixes

"Expeditions: Viking" is still wobbly here and there because players are experiencing some glitches and bugs during gameplay. That is the reason why Logic Artists released another patch that fixed these issues last May 10. Other than the fixed issues, they also improved and enhanced the overall game by adding minor fixes and boosting game performance.

Therefore, the game is something to play during free time as you delve deeper into the story and immerse yourself in the rich history of Vikings. Make sure to equip yourself with wisdom, morals, courage, and preparation before playing this game. "Expeditions: Viking" is available on Steam for PC. Surely, the developers and creators will release update notes in the future.