US game developers have somewhat completely divorced itself with traditional turn-based gameplay that so dominated the rpg genre during the final decade of the 20th century. However, one must accept that turn-based RPG is probably one of the best gaming formula ever developed, though sorely underrated.

Japan, the mother of all turn-based RPG

The story of this unique RPG gameplay starts in Japan. The turn-based gameplay is arguably the defining trait of any JPRG ever created. According to various game analysts in Polygon and Kotaku, the minimalist culture of Japan was a major factor that made turn-based gameplay so prevalent and popular in Japanese gaming society.

In the 1990s, which is now considered the golden age of gaming, the turn-based gameplay is the most popular gaming mechanic. It is so popular that even the US grew to like such slow-paced gaming. However, it dwindled down not because of its weakness, but because Japan can’t maintain a steady stream of triple-A games for a worldwide audience.

Turn-based games give players time to absorb the story

With all the real-time frenzy, trending in triple-A games today, one might think how can a slow, turn-based title match up. However, role playing games are better experienced by the player when it is played in this slow manner.

The story becomes more memorable and is etched deep into the player’s mind.

This is why games such as "Suikoden" and "Final Fantasy" have a nostalgic effect on gamers, who lived during the heyday of those games’ popularity.

Turn-based gameplay is the best way for combat in RPG

In team based games, a player handles a squad of intrepid characters and pitch them into battle. However, in real-time gameplay, all of the team play elements breakdown and the player will simply focus on using one character and leaving the rest of the team on AI.

This is the formula still widely used in Japan when making RPG games. Though most American gamers would prefer real-time role playing, the allure and ease of having that extra “end of turn” pause, is enough for a fan to carry on playing for hours on end.

Turn-based RPG are slowly gaining popularity once more

The "Persona" series and the "Fire Emblem" saga have both resurrected the interest of people to turn-based RPG.

Though the massive popularity of "Call of Duty", "Skyrim" and "Mass Effect" have wrenched people from sticking to this old, yet well-loved gaming mechanic. However, if game developers, especially in America find love again with turn-based gameplay, another golden age of gaming may suddenly ensue.