Yesterday, or maybe the day before, I surmised that John McCain and his colleagues Susan Collins and Lindsay Graham might be the heroes of the "getting rid of trump" saga. Now the New York Times appears to have the same idea. This is good.

We do need to be rid of Trump, merely because he does not embrace the three values on which progress is and should be made -- tolerance, helpfulness, and democracy. Here is the Times declension.

Sort of

This column by Timothy Egan does not rise to the level of my suggestion but it keeps the fire burning. I had originally thought the tweet led to an actual editorial, reflecting the full weight of our still strong Gray Lady. But that will come. We keep waiting for the sound of tumbrels. One consolation is that Trump probably is, too.

A bad sign?

The security folk who spend all their time chasing down reasons to be rid of Trump tell me they are stalled when they fish out old stuff that just tells us what we already knew. But let's be fair. You probably missed the information below.

And it's nice to know that Jeff Sessions does not change. He continually blows whatever way he believes is right. Right for him has a close affinity with saving his own skin.

Why Stephen Colbert is so good

First give this video from last night a good look.

Colbert knows we must be done with Trump. He gently counsels him to resign after deftly going through some historical high points that put the president in his place. We are not exactly marching to Pretoria, but we feel more on our way somewhere with Colbert and I would venture a single word to say why. He is decent.

Breaking at the end

As I complete this morning missive, Twitter is lighting up with the following intelligence from the NY Times which echoes all the usual security folk and therefore is more than likely true. Trump is either scared out of his golfing outfit or playing his headlines game -- looking for bigger than yesterday. Read on.

Leaks? Is there a better word?

James Comey was fired, and now he is being accused, of leaking. I would call this "Attempted Muzzling." Trump is surely ramping up interest.

You either do this because you have a death wish or because you are scared to death.

A third reality is that the Trump dictatorship marches on regardless. The courts change. The doors close. The frontman does his thing every day. Maybe not muzzling. Just doing his job. Being the best president there ever was. Tremendous. Watch your back.