Who is Donald Trump? and why do we feel that he is like an enigma? He is as changeable as the Spring winds, and seems to be hard to predict. But this is what many say that gives him his tremendous power and influence.

When you don't know how someone is going to respond, then it's natural that you start trying to cater to that person's interests. Trump, as seen on his television show The Apprentice, has worked these tactics for years, engaging in subterfuge and and instinctive bullishness. He likes being the guy who surprises everyone and the rest of the world with his unpredictable and 'charismatic' ways.

The fact that Donald Trump's administration are being examined and investigated for their cover ups in the Russian area, should warn us that a man like this is someone we need to watch.

False news

The very things that the White House are saying about Russia's rewriting of the deadly chemical attack in Syria, with the change of narrative, the deception and the false narratives, this is what Trump and his mastermind Stephen Bannon have been doing for the past two to three months, and many in the US public are aware of it.

Many have taken to calling Trump a narcissist. And now we need to watch and wait for the evaluation to sink in.