As Team trump are investigated by the #FBI, many wonder where the Truth Lies in this tricky and troubling period of false narratives, false truth and blatant lies.

Post truth

As many in Trump's team have had to step down or recuse themselves from the #Russia investigations, it's confusing for the public to wonder where the truth lies. Who is being honest? And who is spinning tales? Where does reality begin and fiction fade?

Just like the many narcissism memes on Facebook, the American public feel like they are the supply in a narcissistic relationship, whereby the narcissist uses the victim to replenish his or her sense of self.

Is that what the United States is doing by claiming that #Syria and Russia are lying about the deadly chemical attacks? This very dossier, the one that claims that the Russians are in a massive cover up (and we don't doubt that they are), sounds like it was orchestrated and written by Stephen Bannon that great creator of national and collective narratives of hysteria.

And now it's up to the public to listen impartially, and to listen with critical awareness to the stories that we are being told. Perhaps the truth is more complicated than diplomatic positioning and national and international imperatives. In terms of the Russia and #Syria issues, it remains to be seen.