Sean Spicer the White House press secretary is in a quandary. As older generations might put it, he is between the devil and the deep blue sea. Sean is like the Israelites with the Red Sea in front of them, and Pharaoh's army closing in from behind. Sean Spicer is in a difficult situation. He is between the proverbial rock and a hard place. No matter what he says, trouble follows..

Spicer has the job from hell

Sean Spicer is being paid to be the go-between for the White House and the press. He must communicate and give an interpretation of what the president really means by the things he says.

During his time as press secretary, Spicer has put a spin on situations, where almost no one believed what he said. The world saw the tweet where President Trump said that former President Obama was a "Bad sick guy," for wiretapping Trump Tower. Later it was changed to surveillance.Today CNN ran a press conference where the press secretary said the White House is no longer taking that stand.

Clearly, Sean Spicer has the job from hell. He must continually redirect, refute, and rebuke when it comes to questions asked by reporters. Earlier this week Spicer came under fire for telling White House Correspondent April Ryan. "Stop shaking your head again. Spicer is easily provoked and seems exasperated with the subject of Russia.

The position of White House press secretary is one of a scapegoat.

Sean Spicer is basically a scapegoat. He fields questions, so President Trump will not have to. Spicer is paid to keep the heat off of the Chief of Staff. In doing so, Spicer himself ends up in the hot seat. He is the one who deals with the pressure, and he is the one who receives the blame.

White House reporters are daily in his face asking questions, while President Trump is behind him barking out orders.

Melissa McCarthy is doing parodies of Spicer on Saturday Night Live. The White house, the American people and the world, are shaking their heads at it all. If Sean Spicer were to admit any wrongdoing on the part of President Trump, he most likely would lose his job. When he defends the POTUS, on issues most believe to be true, he is considered to be lying and losing credibility with the American people.