According to the Huffington Post, the White House press secretary is pretty astonished right now. Sean Spicer is baffled by the response he is receiving in regard to his recent exchange with veteran reporter April Ryan. On Tuesday during a press conference, Ryan asked questions regarding Donald Trump and Russia. Spicer first responded by saying that if the president used Russian salad dressing on his salad, it would be seen as a Russian connection. As Ryan continued to grill Spicer, he asked her to, "Stop shaking your head again."

Why such an outcry

"Stop shaking your head again," sent many Americans into fight mode with outcries of sexist behavior, and racism.

Even former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton jumped into the fray. She used the exchange between Spicer and Ryan, while addressing the Professional Business Women of California. Clinton said this was just another example of structural barriers, and sexism, that women face daily. CNN hosts Don Lemon and Anderson Cooper both had guests last night whose emotions were running high on the subject. But are these people jumping the gun? Is it possible that Spicer and Ryan simply interacted as reporters and White House personnel always do? The press secretary seems to think so.

Back to business as usual

Press secretary Spicer says he does not understand those who believe he was too hard on April Ryan.

Spicer said that Ryan gives as good as she gets. And that he cannot go easier on women than men. When questioned, Ryan said it was Sean's job to make the Trump administration look better than it does. According to USA Today, Spicer and Ryan were cordial when they greeted each other at today's briefing. So it seems that things are back to business as usual.

Sean Spicer and April Ryan have moved on and continue performing the jobs they were hired to do. It may be as simple as the White House press secretary defending the administration he works for, and a veteran reporter digging in with the hard questions and not backing down. Sex and race may truly have nothing to do with it.