The wonderful thing about the structure of the #United States of America legislature and the structure and implementation of judicial and state law is that there are many layers of rule that govern and protect the country's democracy. There exist an interlocking and enmeshed set of rights, rules and freedoms on both the local, state and national level that work together in a sort of protective barrier that guard and uphold the idea of democracy and the freedom of speech and other first amendment prerogatives within this very modern country.

In trying to eradicate sanctuary cities, President Donald Trump is trying to use what some may see as a dictator's touch to get his way and override the idea of a justice and democracy,

It is important that the federal court of appeals in San Francisco and also in Maryland and Hawaii have taken issue with President Trump's various travel and immigrant bans.

Their taking up the cause signals to the population that this is not an autocracy, but rather a democracy that is working on the level of individual rights and freedoms, this being one of the most important things in the history of the United States of American.

What use is a democratically elected #president if he isn't going to respect the fundamental tents of democracy?