The appeals court that President Donald Trump is appealing for his #sanctuary cities law, is the thorn in his side right now. President Trump is the first president in recent times who has come into such a close brush with the Federal Courts so soon in his tenure as president, making this an unprecedented moment in the history of United States politics.

According to Donald Trump, the federal court of appeals have apparently got 'a terrible record of being overturned' and they have a name for the process, judge shopping. Trump then called it a messy system.

It's natural that Trump is so unhappy about this, as they raised his hatches when they tried to block his first travel ban in January and then again in May the courts will hear an appeal of a Hawaii judge's order that will effectively impede Trump's revised travel ban, which has put in place severe restrictions on those coming from six mostly muslin counties. Additionally, a judge from Maryland has also put into place a block on parts of the second travel ban.

Whenever the courts have ruled against #President Donald Trump's decrees, he has used the social media site Twitter to broadcast his ire about them, thus effectively claiming that the rule of democracy in the USA is broken.