Wendy Wendy was excited about having television personality Nick Cannon as her co-host for the entire hour on Thursday, April 27, 2017. That was because she got to ask Cannon some very personal questions. To the delight of the studio audience, Nick answered every one of them.

Mariah Carey

Cannon walked out wearing a black turban and black leather jacket with no shirt. After Wendy gave him some shoe cam and asked to see his tattooed back, she jumped right in and asked him if he was still sleeping with his ex-wife, Mariah Carey. The 36-year-old celebrity said there would be nothing wrong with it, but that's not the case.

He emphasized that he doesn't sleep with her because he respects her. Wendy didn't give up. She asked if he ever stays over. He said most of the time he goes home after he puts his kids to bed. If he does stay over, he sleeps in one of the kids' rooms.

Wendy said she knew Nick was the cause of Mariah's breakups with other men because he was always around. Nick said he was always around for his children. He jokingly said he wanted her to stay with billionaire James Packer so they could use his yachts. She asked him about the backup dancer, but Nick said he didn't get into Mariah's personal business. When Wendy tried to get Nick to say something negative about his ex-wife, he never did. He said he did not watch her docu-series because it turned out more like a reality show instead of documenting her rise to fame.

After being asked, Nick revealed why they got a divorce since they still have unconditional love for each other. The comedian told the host and her audience that he and Carey were not growing in their relationship, and he could be the best human being and the best father from outside the house. Wendy predicted that Nick and Mariah would get back together in about five years, and said that she would like to see that happen.

New baby

Wendy wanted to know about Nick's new baby boy named Golden. He said they all get along, and his twins, who will be 6-years-old on April 30, love their baby brother. A picture was shown of one of the twins holding the baby. Mariah has not met Golden's mother, Brittany Bell, yet.

'America's Got Talent'

Nick explained the story behind his abrupt departure from "America's Got Talent.

" First of all, he said he loved the show, but left because he wanted the freedom to be himself. Some of the officials were uncomfortable with his comedy specials. Even though they threatened to fire him, they backed off and offered him more money to stay. Nick said by then his dignity was challenged, so he quit. He has no hard feelings toward new host, Tyra Banks. He indicated that he sent her flowers and congratulated her.


The co-host for the day discussed having lupus. He said he has lupus, but lupus doesn't have him. He discovered in 2012 that he had it because of stress. He admitted that he never thought he was a stressed person, but since then he has tried to live a tranquil and peaceful life.

In the hot seat

Even when Wendy put Nick in the hot seat, he was transparent. He was asked what the most diva thing he had seen Mariah do was. Nick said during delivery, she insisted that he play her music. He did as he was instructed, and Moroccan and Monroe were born listening to their mother's songs.