As I started playing "Warframe," I was so excited and nervous because it was enticing enough to prove that it's a high-quality game. The signs were everywhere such as the log-in screen that focused some scenes. The scenes were picked at random and at a full stop, as if you are watching a movie or freezing time. I made an account and put the information needed on the log-in screen. As soon as it finished loading, everything from the tutorials to basic missions were informative enough for beginners to understand.

In addition, the best thing about being a beginner are the benefits you gain at the start of the game such as platinum and credits.

Credits are the unit of money in the game and can be used to buy blueprints, craft items, weapons, equipment, and craft frames. The game is available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but I prefer it on PC through Steam.

Teaming up with other 'Tenno'

Since "Warframe" is an online game, you can play it with other existing players as well. Playing solo is amazing but playing with friends and other players will make rewards easier to obtain, along with faster enemy clears, lots of experience points, etc. Of course, there are clans that you can join, so it is recommended to join one because they contain numerous benefits such as obtaining blueprints in an easier fashion.

"Tenno" is the term used for the character.

As you play the game, you will constantly hear and see this word. It is always wise to unlock other areas by fulfilling Junctions and finishing the main quests on the Codex. The more areas you unlock, the more options you can choose from regarding Alert Missions, which guarantee unique rewards.

Different Warframes depending on playstyle

As mentioned before, players start with three basic "Warframes" and these are Excalibur, Mag, and Volt. As you progress in the game, you gain frame blueprints, which can be used to unlock other frames. If you are not satisfied with the current frame you have, it is recommended to start obtaining blueprints from other areas. Moreover, there are customization options to suit your needs and preferences, and there are guides in the internet as well. "Warframe" is free to download on Steam.