Is trump getting religion? Has he been visited by spiritual balm from above? Is he daft? One thing you will never know is what is actually going on with this character. If he took the trouble to approve the words it must mean something whatever he thinks about it. It will produce guffaws of disbelief and catcalls. Perhaps from supporters as well as opponents. Read it.

The occasion for the statement was an appearance at the U.S.

Holocaust Memorial Museum's National Days of Remembrance. There Trump told holocaust surviviors they are beacons of light invoking, Axios said."words of Elie Wiesel in a condemnation of anti-Semitism:" If Trump begins to address the desecration of Jewish burial sites in the US we may be on the thrshold of change. If not, few will be surprised.

I should note that, yes, this statement has been criticized for not being explicit about the holocaust and the murder of six million Jews. My readers should note that I am talking about Donald Trump and that means nothing he says or does will not create an uproar somewhere. This is not about that phenomenon.

US Stock Market Surge

Perhaps Trump is superstitious.

One would not be surprised, given some of his other penchants. Whatever the case, the president has not tweeted much about what looks to be an acceleration of the surge that has taken place since his election. The market is on a tear and there is no shortage of observers who do not believe it can last. That is almost guaranteed.

But no one likes to miss out on something that could result in major increases in the fortunes of those who are in on it. And in France...

This as an appropriate moment to inform almost everyone who has any money at all that they are inextricably tied to everyone else on the planet merely because almost everyone is either an active or passive investor.

The cautious owner of savings accounts that are insured is no less an investor than a nail-biting day trader. Because this is so evil in the world, which is harm and hurt, is increasingly the action of millions, merely by the fact that they have money and the further fact that it is invested on their behalf. It is harder to get out of this than a relationship.

North Korea is all bluster, isn't it?

South Korea has a surplus of live nuclear weapons ready to pulverize the North on the slightest indication of serious action from that quarter. Trump has shown he is not averse to dramatic responses to provocations. The only power in this theater that seems to have the needed restraint is China. Trump has broadcast China's essential role in resolving the mess.

At the moment it seems that high alert is the proper sense of it. We might all utter a prayer for restraint on the part of anyone with a trigger. It is much easier to look backward and try to figure out what went wrong than to predict the outcome of things in today's surreal atmosphere.