If Donald Trump had based his life on pleasing people he would have been laid out long ago. Trump wants to please himself and when he is displeased he changes. So when fisticuffs break out between the two middleweights in the West Wing, Slugger Bannon, and Smoothie Kushner, it makes peacefully watching FOX News impossible. If they don't behave, there is a problem. The slugger is out. Family comes first. Now go away.

2020 dawns

Fast forward. It dawns on the Donald Trump that he is the president. This is not such a bad gig. There are worse things to do than holding the world in your hands.

I might get tired by 2020 but if I don't? Thought inevitably turns to what things will be like when Steve Bannon is gone. With him goes the whole right wing idiocy. Even Alex Jones is expelled.

What casinos?

You see nothing has worked. It is like the casinos. They were great, they got me to "The Apprentice." "The Apprentice" got me here. And Steve helped me get started. But if I want to keep 2020 alive I need to go uptown. In Manhattan that would mean going downtown to the offices of Goldman Sachs. You don't get more uptown than that.

Uptown guy

So President Trump looks over at his financial adviser whose name is Gary Cohn late of Goldman Sachs and a perfect road to respectability. This is, of course, a fantasy.

But in Donald Trump's world, nothing is impossible, including getting from "The Apprentice" to the White House. Gary has been loyal through all the right wing stuff, Gary can help negotiate the real establishment and make Donald a true centrist.

The centrist push

The true centrist who crafted proposals Mitch McConnell and John Boehner threw into the garbage, was named Barack Obama.

There was no one more centrist and uptown than he. He suddenly is revealed to be the person Trump is cribbing his legislation from. And people are loving it. His base is looking at it with new eyes. The middle is ecstatic. Kushner and Ivanka are overjoyed. The New York Times is flummoxed. The formula has always been the Republicans do what they never allowed the Democrats even to think about doing.

Center-left and Chris Matthews gushing

Finally, Chris Matthews can go to sleep with a smile on his face. The president has come to his senses. You can play golf with a clear conscience if you have a former president doing all the work still. There's no need to reinvent the wheel. To complete the scenario here is a bonus. Donald can become an innovator. He gets to be the author of the Hyperloop Corridors.