NBA playoff action reaches a boiling point friday night, as there are three series-clinching games happening. The Utah Jazz, Boston Celtics, and Washington Wizards are all in position to end their series against their respective opponents. All of their series have provided us with great basketball, and many highlight plays along the way. These teams looking to win the series tonight will face teams that will give them everything they can handle, as they don't want their season to end this early into the postseason. So who will end their season, and who might have to play a game seven?

Let's take a look.

Wizards vs. Hawks

The first game on the schedule is the Atlanta Hawks taking on the Washington Wizards. The Wizards were able to take game five to give themselves a 3-2 lead on the Hawks. John Wall has been the leader of their team, as he as averaged 27 points and 11 assists per game this series. He has done his best to provide scoring for his team, while some of his teammates struggled. The Hawks have played better after being down 0-2, sparked by Paul Millsap. Millsap has dominated his matchup against Markieff Morris and has put Atlanta back in this series.

Will the Wizards close out this series? I believe they will, behind a huge game from Bradley Beal. Beal has struggled throughout this series, and if the Wizards want to challenge the Cavs, he will need to step it up.

I believe the Wizards' backcourt will step up and silence the Hawks crowd early, making the Hawks enter the offseason early, as well.

Celtics vs. Bulls

The second game of the game six slate has the Celtics trying to close out this series in Chicago against the Bulls. The Celtics have found their groove after losing the first two games in this series.

Isaiah Thomas has been playing better, as the loss of his sister is still weighs heavy on his heart. The Celtics have played much better defense against Butler and the Bulls, forcing them to take tough shots. The Bulls have struggled since they lost Rajon Rondo to a wrist and thumb injury. Their offensive and defensive efficiency has decreased a good amount when he hasn't been on the floor.

They haven't won since his injury and he won't be available in game six either. The Bulls backup guards haven't stepped up to replace him, so they need to get it going immediately, or be eliminated.

Will the Bulls be sent packing early and lose a critical game six? I believe the Bulls will force a game seven. I'm not ready to write off a proven clutch player in D-Wade, who steps up in big games, and Jimmy Butler, a player who does anything to win. With the home crowd behind the Bulls, they may find a way to win and push the Celtics to a game seven in Boston.

Jazz vs. Clippers

The Jazz are in a position to push the Clippers out of the playoffs, adding even more frustration to their fan base. Gordon Hayward has been playing good basketball, but the seasoned veteran Joe Johnson has been playing out of his mind.

Johnson has been shooting an efficient 53 percent from the field and averaging 18 points per game. Iso-Joe has been the offensive boost the Jazz needed and he has led them to a 3-2 lead. Chris Paul has been trying to lead this Clippers team with the loss of Blake Griffin to a toe injury. Paul's competitive spirit is what is fueling them right now, but will that be enough?

Will the Jazz finish off the Clippers? I don't think so, as Chris Paul will have one of those games to remind you that he can still dominate a game if he needs to. Paul's competitive nature will fuel him to have a big game, that Joe Johnson can't compete with. The Clippers will force a game seven and extend their season one more game.

These games scheduled for Friday night will surely be exciting and intense. Teams will be looking to end a team's season, while others will try to extend theirs at least one more game. The Wizards/Hawks game can be seen on ESPNU or NBATV at 7:30 p.m., while the Bulls/Celtics game can be seen on ESPN at 8 p.m., and the Jazz/Clippers game can also be seen on ESPN at 10:30 p.m.